You're Having a Laugh!

Meet clown Dr Maggie Irving and try your hand at the amazing art of clowning.

A new initiative in connection with The Art Trail @ The Exmouth Festival.

It is a chance to unleash your inner clown/idiot/fool/buffoon/trickster and understand how you make it work for you. Safe, fun and potentially life-changing.

It is safe and fun so get booking.
EventBrite You're Having a Laugh

I think we all have the urge to be a clown, whether we know it or not. Ernest Borgnine



Plymouth University, Drakes Circus. Roland Levinsky Building, Room 308.

Saturday 3rd June 2017, 10am -5pm

Clowning is all about you, your insights and your audience - albeit from a different, perhaps strange, fresh and new perspective. We look at the art of creating laughter, through stupidity, mischief, mistakes, incongruity, all emanating from your unique self.

This playful, safe and supportive workshop helps you open up to share your stories, feelings and attitudes to everyday happenings - from small scale to a more ridiculous political level.

You might be a beginner or someone who wants to experience greater freedom, feel more dynamic, have something to say, and wish to laugh at themselves and the trials and tribulations of life.

Clowning can help you connect with others, be bolder and helps you reveal another side of yourself… for a time or for life.So if you have an urge to experience and enjoy the world of clowning, sign up. 

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 Former participants:
 “Encouraging. Confidence / courage building. Empowering. Great fun!”
“Fun, challenging in a playful way.”
“An excellent event  - a workshop into self discovery, confidence & performance. Warm, friendly & expert tuition. Great value, great use of day! Thanks.”
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