Maggie Irving is a performance coach, teacher, director and contemporary actor and clown. She teaches stand up comedy, improvisation, clowning, presentation and humour skills to actors, businesspeople, students and vulnerable adults.

Improvisation and Humour
Do you perform in the theatre; on the street; in an art gallery or dance show, and feel at ease and enabled to make contact with people around you should you want to? 

Do you need to speak at a business meeting or conference or would just like to feel ok about putting your arm up to ask a question? Would you like more fun and laughter in your life?  

Learning improvisation, clowning and humour skills can enhance confident, communication skills, dynamism and resilience and you will feel enabled to communicate with anyone at anytime.

The benefits of learning improvisation skills

Keeps you open to new ideas and change 
Enhances listening skills and autonomy 
Improves emotional resilience 
Ensures we remain in the moment - a kind of active mindfulness
Generates greater collaboration and empathy
Makes us respond quickly to change 
Helps us grow and gain a better understanding of ourselves and others 
Sees failure as an opportunity for new ways of thinking and doing 
Encourages bonding and friendship

The benefits of positive humour

          Reduces stress & anxiety
      Produces ‘feel good’ endorphins
      Generates collaboration and a positive rapport with others
      Helps with relaxation and feeling good

For a full training in the art of improvisation and clowning, please contact Maggie direct.


I had the great pleasure of being taught the principles and practical techniques of clowning by Maggie Irving for a module of my Theatre and Performance degree at the University of Plymouth. This time spent in the company of her infectious enthusiasm for and keen expertise on the subject not only influenced the approach I took to performance and the importance of play for the remainder of my studies, it also had a substantial impact on ... read more